I created Urubu to solve a personal problem: how to create and maintain websites for my projects. I open-sourced it "in the hope it can be useful". On this page I list a number of websites that are powered by Urubu.

By others

Sigasi Insights - Documentation for Sigasi's tools.

Leonardo Uieda - Website about Leonardo's professional activities.

PINGA lab - Site for the PINGA lab, a research group studying inverse problems in geophysics.

For others, by me

Vlaamse sofrologen - Site of the flemish sophrologists (in Dutch)

Troca Vins Naturels - Natural wines


MyHDL website - all about MyHDL, for users

MyHDL development website - info for MyHDL developers


Urubu Quickstart - the Quickstart companion site for Urubu

Urubu Documentation - this site


Jan Decaluwe My site about professional activities

Jan Decaluwe / Music My music projects

Jan Decaluwe / Opinions My opinions, in Dutch