A micro CMS for static websites

15-Aug-2018: Urubu 1.3.1 released

For websites, not just blogs

Set up a website as logically related content. Content ordering is flexible, not just by date.

Focus on navigation

Easily set up a navbar, a table of contents sidebar, breadcrumbs and pagers.

Ready for Bootstrap

Urubu plays well with Bootstrap, the popular framework for great looking websites.

Markdown content

Enter content in light-weight Markdown syntax, with popular extensions.

Wiki links

Easily refer to other pages like in wikis, using Markdown syntax.

Powerful templating

Use the powerful Jinja2 templating library to define page layouts.

Sophisticated control

Per-page control of page layout and other stuff. Plus user-defined variables.

Python power

Urubu is built with Python. It provides Python hooks to assist in templating.

Ideal with git

Use a git workflow to develop your website. Deploy by pushing.

And of course, it's open source!